New research in the journal Neurology shows that activity and exercise helps brain deal with pathologies, including Lewy Bodies and the Tau proteins of Alzheimer’s Disease. The result is better cognition.

There’s an interesting distinction in this study from earlier investigations that showed the impacts of exercise on cognition. The new research shows that exercise doesn’t protect the brain, nor prevent dementia, but it helps the brain work better, despite the progression of the disease.

I was very fortunate to have the ability and resources to keep my loved one active to the very end, and I’m convinced that exercise helped her deal much better with the years of LBD progression. Additionally, physical activity has so many other benefits that it should be enabled whenever possible. The benefits can include improved sleep, digestion, pain reduction, heart and lung function, mood, socialization, appetite and more.

If your doctor approves activity, and its safe for both the carer and the person with the condition, it could be transformational.

Strength to all!
Timothy Hudson

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Exercise helps brain deal with Lewy Body Dementia pathologies

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