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The Lewy Body Podcast Playlist: Listen At Your Convenience.

The world’s first Lewy Body Dementia Podcast started right here, in 2015. It remained the only one available until approximately 2020.

Some people prefer to have the articles and posts available to listen to as a “podcast” rather than a text document: several of the articles from this site can be streamed below. You can either listen to them here, or download them. And you can always read them as text and find more Tips on LBD.


Listen to the Lewy Body Podcast playlist below.

The goal of this website is to provide the most important information to help your journey with Lewy Body Dementia the best it possibly can be. There is an additional focus to provide information for people who are new to the world of Dementia with Lewy Bodies, and Parkinson’s Disease Dementia. If you have any thoughts on the sound files, or suggestions for topics and posts — I welcome any you may have. I want to make sure the content of this site is as pertinent and high-priority as possible.

I do not record every article as soon as it’s done, but wait until I have incorporated any suggestions or edits to make each piece the best it can be. The articles take a long time to research, write, and edit. The recording is only done when a piece has been effectively and comprehensively edited for clarity and utility. This means that you can usually read newer information as an article long before its recorded for this Lewy Body Dementia Podcast series.

Hoping these provide useful information, and are in a format that is helpful to you!

Additional podcasts of interest
Living with...: Living With Lewy: Part One Lewy Body Society (UK)

Whether you are someone who has recently received a diagnosis of Lewy body dementia or a friend or family member, this podcast is a valuable resource for anyone looking to find out more about the disease.

The Lewy Body Society is small charity with a global reach, campaigning tirelessly to highlight LBD. As the first Lewy Body dementia charity in Europe, we have been leading the way in supporting research and raising awareness since 2006.

Listen to the Lewy Body Society podcast episodes here.

Lewy Body Life logoLewy Body Life (USA)

This podcast series was created to help care partners, family and friends understand and navigate the often complex and unpredictable Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) journey. Here real people with real experience and real insight share essential information for caring and coping.

Podcast hosts Paula Rice Biever, Linda Olsen Engel and Ann Brucciani Lyon met at a Lewy Body Dementia support group in Minneapolis USA, and immediately felt a deep connection based on their shared experiences with LBD. The three agreed there was a wealth of medical information about the disease but very little information about what caregivers encounter and how LBD affects daily living. Lewy Body Life covers those less discussed intimate details to help bridge this gap.

Their podcast series is intended to help raise awareness and increase understanding of LBD — and that it guides you to the professional resources you need, while also helping you realize that you’re not alone and that there are strategies and support networks that can aid you in your LBD journey.

Listen to all the episodes of Lewy Body Life here.


Lewy Body Roller Coaster Podcast Artwork Image

Lewy Body Rollercoaster (USA)

This is a podcast for Lewy Body Dementia patients and their families began in 2020, and is presented by people living with LBD and their families. You will hear firsthand perspectives, and they share support and experiences on all things Lewy Body. Hosted by Curry Whisenhunt, who has been diagnosed with LBD for several years, and his wife Linda Whisenhunt.

Listen to all the episodes of Lewy Body Rollercoaster here.

Perspectives on dementia caregiving and the many difficulties carers experience in this 53-minute clip that features perspectives from the carers themselves, and insights from Dr. Pauline Boss. Sometimes its good to hear that others are experiencing things just as you are — even if you’re not sharing the road in person, you are certainly not alone. It touches on being forced to accept responsibilities that were traditionally those of your loved ones; added difficulties of caring for someone you had a difficult relationship with in the past; “my loved one is here, but they’re also gone”; there are no greeting cards for this kind of condition; why it’s hard for people to visit; the look in the eyes; with cancer, the community around the person grows, but with dementia, the community grows — there’s an implication that having the condition is embarrassing; the conditions of caregiving almost exactly mimic the diagnostic criteria of depression; two out of three carers experience depression, it’s amazing that the other third does not.

Pauline Boss’ segment is at 17:23 in this clip in this Safe Space Radio podcast, Still Here: Caregiving and Dementia, with host Dr. Anne Hallward.

Professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota, Pauline Boss, contends that in many cases grief does not ever really provide “closure” and that the often-referenced “five stages of grief” are misleading. A quote of hers that will be poignant for many people dealing with Lewy Body Dementia is “with ambiguous loss, there is no closure. The challenge is to learn how to live with the ambiguity.”

This 50-minute podcast by Dr. Boss — who coined the term “ambiguous loss” presents a compelling case.



Strength to you!
Timothy Hudson

Updated April 17, 2024