Some people prefer Facebook more than websites. In the interests of broader public education, a new Lewy Body Dementia page on Facebook has been launched. Whenever I see something that is significant or valuable to the community, it will be posted there. Every post will be personally analyzed to ensure a higher level of trust and legitimacy and will have a summary or comment to allow very quick scanning, to keep the page easy to search, and to save you time in case a specific article is not going to be what you’re looking for.

Below, you’ll find the five most recent posts, which is automatically updated. There is a great deal of online content that is specifically intended to manipulate, provoke, deceive or get visibility for the wrong reasons. Finding, reading, researching, and analyzing each article takes significant time, and I want only the best and most trustworthy to appear.

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A very common scenario is "diagnose and adios" where the person living with dementia is set adrift, with few supports. Many friends are uncomfortable with their expectations, so they also drift away. Even family. Doctors address the care partner, not the person with dementia. Cumulatively, this can be especially debilitating, particularly in the early stages: both for the person with dementia, and their primary carers, who both can be traumatized by the isolation and dismissal.
- Reaching out and staying in touch with persons living with dementia can make a profound, life-changing difference for them. That effort is never wasted, even if the appreciation and acknowledgement may be less obvious than in other situations. You can drastically improve other's lives by keeping in touch.
- Strength to all! Timothy Hudson
A diagnosis of dementia, and of Mild Cognitive Impairment, brings with it, for many, thoughts of suicide. I hope you will give this some thought, even though it's something nobody wants to think about.
- One of the many profound questions to consider is whether one's thinking and expectations early on, are relevant to the thinking and experience of later periods when cognitive impairment has greater impact. I have personally seen widely varying experiences of later stages, across a very wide gamut, and what I think I'd want for myself, early on, might not be what I'd wish for later.
- I hope this thought-provoking video by I CARE FOR YOUR BRAIN with Dr. Sullivan helps you consider many things, and helps destigmatize this topic as worthy of compassion and open discussion.
- Strength to all. Timothy Hudson
In this episode of I CARE FOR YOUR BRAIN with Dr. Sullivan, board certified neuropsychologist Dr. Karen D. Sullivan discusses the serious topic of the rise...
Social connection and interaction is so important. I'm glad it's being recognized. I love the idea of a "social prescription" that's now being done by some in the UK. Too often it's not nearly stressed as important enough.
- Adult Day Programs that my LO attended were transformational. She didn't like to go, but she was ALWAYS happier when she returned. The research seems to be proving the importance.
- It's worth considering both whether a person with LBD is getting enough, socializing, and EQUALLY importantly, is the carer? If not, give yourself a "social prescription" and make it happen.
- Strength to all. Timothy Hudson
This is a lament of a woman visiting, after a long COVID absence, her mother who is far advanced with Lewy Body Dementia. It portrays the mixed emotions many experience with poignancy and subtlety.
- Caution: This story may be too sad to read for some who are at a fragile point.
- Strength to all. Timothy Hudson
Covering the mouth with a mask loses SO much meaning our faces can express. I was impressed with how effective it is and was astounded at how much more could be understood of emotion, expression and voice when the mouth is visible.
- I hope the prices drop and availability increases as this becomes more common. (40 masks cost $60USD, and in case you wonder, I do not get anything from the company for sharing the link, and have no affiliation whatsoever).
- Stay healthy and safe! Strength to all. Timothy Hudson.
Agent Orange and dementia: Lewy Science for Viet Nam vets. This new study does NOT show a causative effect, only a correlation. Here's a few highlights....
- Exposed vets were 1.68 times more likely to be diagnosed with dementia and were on average 1.25 years younger at diagnosis (67.5 years old versus 68.8 years old).
- If patients express concern about their history of exposure to Agent Orange, clinicians can suggest that it may be possible to offset their increased risk by engaging in a healthy lifestyle. Previous research has suggested that dementia risk may potentially be reduced through physical activity, cognitive activity, social engagement, and treatment of conditions such as depression, hypertension, and diabetes.
- Agent Orange contained the chemical Dioxin, which can remain in adipose tissue for decades after exposure. Myelin, the coating of nerve fibers, contains a high percentage of fat, and the dioxin in Agent Orange is highly lipophilic, so the herbicide could have a direct toxic effect on the white matter of the brain. And because dioxin remains in the body decades after exposure, Agent Orange could gradually impact the brain long before clinical manifestations become evident.
- I certainly don't take this as conclusive, and it does not differentiate in any way between the types of dementia, but considering the higher incidence, and that it's in veterans, I expect further research.
- Strength to all! Timothy Hudson

I am not entirely sold on the idea of Facebook, but I absolutely agree it is critical to get information out to the broader public. If this doesn’t work well, it will be retired. Make sure you join a support group for Lewy Body Dementia — there are options online, by email, phone or in-person.

Strength to all!
Timothy Hudson

Updated September 21, 2018