Nelotanserin’s chemical structure (Wikimedia)

Drugmaker Axovant has decided to stop development of Nelotanserin, a drug for REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder (RBD) in patients with Lewy Body Dementia (LBD).

RBD is a common symptom, which causes difficulties for those with the condition, resulting in the physical acting-out of dreams. This drastically reduces quality of sleep for the person who experiences it. It also can be disturbing or dangerous to a sleep partner, and reduces their sleep quality as well.

There are so few medications that help with LBD, that this had shown great promise. It is unfortunate that this has not shown sufficient promise to continue. The drug trial was assessed using video analysis of sleep behaviours, and did not result in significant enough reduction of symptoms to continue development.

For more information, read the full press release.

Nelotanserin, a drug for Lewy Body Dementia’s REM Sleep disorder symptoms, development cancelled

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