A New York Times article covers some alternative approaches to treatment of mental illnesses that are being tested.

Although Lewy Body Dementia is not typically referred to as a mental illness, it still shares many symptoms for many people.

Focusing on the auto-immune elements of conditions, the article delves into a change in thinking in many areas as the underlying pathologies and root causes become better understood. It includes some very interesting examples, from a bone-marrow transplant to treat leukemia that also cured schizophrenia. It also delves into probiotics that lessen mania hospitalizations by 75%, and the use of old antibiotics to — seemingly — reduce brain inflammation.

I found this is very interesting read, and you will likely find some thoughtful elements here as well.

Strength to all!
Timothy Hudson

Alternative treatments for mental illness — and isn’t Lewy Body Dementia a type of mental illness?

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