A new study cited in the LA Times shows a significantly lower incidence of Parkinson’s Disease (PD) in people who had their appendix removed in early life.

This provides more evidence that the misfolding alpha-synuclein protiens believed to cause both Lewy Body Dementia and PD originate in the stomach. There could be other reasons, of course. For example, it’s possible that the appendicitis attack that necessitates removal of one’s appendix changes the body’s processing of the protein. This could then alter further development in the brain.

Unfortunately, this is no where near suggesting a cure. However, it appears to be another valuable piece in the puzzle.

Strength to all!
Timothy Hudson

If you’re interested in comments from the LBD community on this piece, here’s a link to the Facebook post

Appendix Removal Lowers Risk of Parkinson’s Disease (and Lewy Bodies?)

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