Pain seems to be more related to autonomic issues than mobility issues in a new Parkinson’s Disease pain study. And by extension, it seems likely that’d be the same with Lewy Body Dementia.

Many, if not most, people with Lewy Body Dementia have Parkinsonism mobility issues. Pain, of an often inexplicable source is very common, and has often been believed to be related to lack of mobility from the condition. However, this study concludes that perception of pain is mostly related to central nervous system issues. This implies that for the same pathology (such as osteoarthritis) two people with the same degree of arthritis can sense pain very differently.

Other findings in the research also included the following:
  • There was no correlation between musculoskeletal pain and motor symptoms
  • There was also no correlation between radicular pain (radiating from the spine to extremities) and motor symptoms
  • Very weak correlation between lower abdominal pain and constipation scores
This is an interesting study, and runs counter to much traditional thinking. Since pain is a very common, debilitating aspect of the condition, this will hopefully lead towards improved treatments.

Get as much exercise as possible, and as is safe and approved by a specialist. There are few situations when it will be bad, and even if it doesn’t fix all the pain issues, it will aid in sleep improvement. It also usually leads to better mood and any method of maintaining as much mobility and flexibility is beneficial.

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Pain with Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease centrally regulated

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