Some people prefer Facebook more than websites. In the interests of broader public education, a new Lewy Body Dementia page on Facebook has been launched. Whenever I see something that is significant or valuable to the community, it will be posted there. Every post will be personally analyzed to ensure a higher level of trust and legitimacy and will have a summary or comment to allow very quick scanning, to keep the page easy to search, and to save you time in case a specific article is not going to be what you’re looking for.

Below, you’ll find the five most recent posts, which is automatically updated. There is a great deal of online content that is specifically intended to manipulate, provoke, deceive or get visibility for the wrong reasons. Finding, reading, researching, and analyzing each article takes significant time, and I want only the best and most trustworthy to appear.

Click the Facebook page and “like” it to see most of them on your Facebook timeline as they are added. I will ensure that this is never overwhelming, off-topic, or insensitive.
Joy Milne can "smell" Parkinson's Disease. I've posted about her remarkable ability before, but this story is a fabulous overview.
> As her "superpower" has become more known, researchers all over the world have begun working with her and have discovered that she can identify several kinds of illnesses — tuberculosis, Alzheimer's disease, cancer and diabetes. Wow!
- Of particular interest was that her husband, who she first noticed the smell on, many years before symptoms. Sounds like REM sleep disorder to me, a VERY common precursor to LBD. I wonder if she'd be able to diagnose that as well, long before typical symptoms appear.
- Towards more hope in unexpected places. Especially now. Strength and health to all! Timothy Hudson
Here's a short and simple explanation of some of the differences between LBD and Parkinson's Disease Dementia. In case you were wondering....
To me, they're both on a single spectrum, where both of these are VERY close to indistinguishable after some progression, and also includes Multiple System Atrophy, MSA.
Strength to all, in these especially tough times! Timothy Hudson
Lewy Science: Many people wonder why LBD is so different from person to person. This medical journal article, although rather technical in description of parts of the brain, does a good job providing insight into the complexity of the many parts and areas of the brain. It gives examples of how Lewy Bodies in specific areas cause specific symptoms, and if areas of the brain are not impacted by Lewy bodies, a person won't show specific symptoms.
- I'd love to see this done much more broadly, to be able to get better correlation and understanding while people are alive (and potentially develop more targeted treatments).
- Strength to all! Timothy Hudson
Lewy Science: Misfolded α-synuclein proteins in the brain are what is believed to be a root cause of both LBD and Parkinson's Disease. @RutgursU researchers are testing a new drug-like compound, named Synucleozid, that reduces α-synuclein levels and "protects cells against the toxicity of the misfolded form of the protein, suggesting that it has the potential to prevent disease progression."
- This has significant potential, it seems. But as with all press releases, one must be reminded that a widely available treatment based on this is likely still VERY far away. But it does sound like progress! Here's to more of that.
- And in the meantime, strength to all! Timothy
30 minute TV interview with nurse and awesome LBD advocate Stephanie Therese. Among many topics, she tells of her experiences with early onset, the emotional toll of living with Lewy, rural life with dementia, educating, advocacy for assistance, financial challenges, and dealing with difficult comments such as “but he looks so good!” get the tools to live a good life with dementia. You can get tickets for her foundation's Dandelions of Hope hosting of Teepa Snow on April 17 for a live Canadian session close to Bangor Maine and Saint John, New Brunswick.
- Proud to have Stephanie as a friend!
Strength to all. Timothy Hudson
Southwest Magazine: Stephanie Ruckstuhl discusses Lewy Body Dementia
Southwest Magazine: Saint Andrews resident Stephanie Ruckstuhl is a nursing professor at the local community college by day. She is also the primary caretake...
Canadian law on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) is being reviewed. A spouse of a person with LBD who wants the option of MAID for the future, but the law doesn't allow it gives her thoughts on the issue. Currently, her husband would not have the option, despite it being desired, and despite the suffering they both wish to avoid. As she says, “People need to put themselves in our shoes and see just what it’s like, then maybe they would change their mind.”
- An important issue. I hope all Canadians weigh in on it. I have. Strength to all! Timothy Hudson

I am not entirely sold on the idea of Facebook, but I absolutely agree it is critical to get information out to the broader public. If this doesn’t work well, it will be retired. Make sure you join a support group for Lewy Body Dementia — there are options online, by email, phone or in-person.

Strength to all!
Timothy Hudson

Updated September 21, 2018