Some people prefer Facebook more than websites. In the interests of broader public education, a new Lewy Body Dementia page on Facebook has been launched. Whenever I see something that is significant or valuable to the community, it will be posted there. Every post will be personally analyzed to ensure a higher level of trust and legitimacy and will have a summary or comment to allow very quick scanning, to keep the page easy to search, and to save you time in case a specific article is not going to be what you’re looking for.

Below, you’ll find the five most recent posts, which is automatically updated. There is a great deal of online content that is specifically intended to manipulate, provoke, deceive or get visibility for the wrong reasons. Finding, reading, researching, and analyzing each article takes significant time, and I want only the best and most trustworthy to appear.

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Helen and Jim Whitworth are the authors of the book I gained the most from, and are tireless advocates and educators in Lewy Body Dementia. They've just released a new book, and are making the Kindle/e-book version free until December 8, on Amazon. I am not endorsing Amazon, but this is a great free offer, if you use a Kindle.
> The book I gained the most from in my LBD caring journey is also being offered at a 40% discount, until Christmas, at the publisher's website, including US shipping for $11.97
> I do not get any financial benefit from this. But I completely support the great work the Whitworths have done for many years, and welcome their new book!
> Strength to all! TImothy Hudson
- Free Kindle e-book link --
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Lewy Science:
New research links major depression disorder with increased metabolism of α-synuclein proteins, which suggests that it may lead to higher risk of Lewy Body Dementia. It's proposed that depression can be something that may help predict the later development of LBD, as well as contributing to its development. Depression definitely does not occur in all persons who later develop LBD in my experience, but there could be more than a correlation.
> Nowhere near a cure, but might someday lead to fewer cases of LBD, if α-syn proliferation and misfolding is able to be controlled before LBD develops through treatment of depression.
> Strength to all! Timothy Hudson
Lewy Body Dementia forced judge Kevin Whitaker to retire in his late 50s. And he now channels aspects of the condition into art. A very interesting character, who is fortunately able to express himself in this manner, but is profoundly affected by the uncontrolled body movements of dyskinesia. Paintings also reveal insights into the condition to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Dr. Mario Masellis. A two day exhibit of the art launches December 1 in Toronto, with a discussion including the artis, Dr. Masellis and others. If you can attend, it looks to be a great event, with any funds raised going to research.
> Strength to all! Timothy Hudson
> More info on Mr. Whitaker including audio interviews, news clips and a documentary are on my website
CBC Toronto
This former provincial judge, Kevin Whitaker, started painting to manage symptoms of Lewy body dementia, an aggressive form of Parkinson's disease. Now his art exhibit, "Chasing Monsters," opened in Roncesvalles on Friday.
Pain seems to be more related to autonomic issues than mobility issues in new Parkinson's Disease study. Since most people with Lewy Body Dementia have Parkinsonism mobility issues, and many have pain, of an often inexplicable source, this is an interesting study. It concludes that pain is mostly related to central nervous system issues -- so that for the same pathology (such as osteoarthritis) two people with the same degree of arthritis can sense pain very differently.
> Other findings included the following:
- No correlation between musculoskeletal pain and motor symptoms
- No correlation between radicular pain (radiating from the spine to extremities) and motor symptoms
- Very weak correlation between lower abdominal pain and constipation scores
> An interesting study. The link requires you to sign up, which I do not recommend (minimal additional info is provided). Strength to all! Timothy Hudson
Lots of visiting options are upon us, particularly with US Thanksgiving. Many people may not have seen their loved one for some time, and it's worth being ready, to be able to go with confidence, and have a meaningful visit. My primary suggestion is to accept them as they are, right now: things may be a little, or vastly, different than you expect. But there is no reason not to visit. Summon any courage you need, do the right thing, and make a difference in their life. And, as this clip suggests, keep an eye on any carers involved: they may need your help too, perhaps even more.
> Strength to all! Timothy Hudson
Ask the MD: Visiting with Family Members Who Have Parkinson’s
When visiting family who have Parkinson’s, you may not know what to expect or how to manage change. Rachel Dolhun, MD, movement disorder specialist and vice ...
Lewy Science: New study shows a significantly lower incidence of Parkinson's Disease (PD) in people who had their appendix removed in early life. More evidence that the misfolding alpha-synuclein protiens believed to be the root cause of both Lewy Body Dementia and PD originate in the stomach. There could be other reasons, that the appendicitis attack that causes the removal of the appendix changes the body's processing of the protein, for example.
> No where near a cure, but seems like another valuable piece in the puzzle.
> Strength to all! TImothy Hudson

I am not entirely sold on the idea of Facebook, but I absolutely agree it is critical to get information out to the broader public. If this doesn’t work well, it will be retired. Make sure you join a support group for Lewy Body Dementia — there are options online, by email, phone or in-person.

Strength to all!
Timothy Hudson

Updated September 21, 2018